Compassion for Destina

Destina was born in a small village in Nias, Indonesia. She was born with an abnormal condition affecting the brain and bones. Her mom was taking care of her for the first few year of her life. Then her mom put her in an orphanage for two years. After two years, the orphanage sent her back to live with her grandparents. There are several reasons for this rejection:

• Destina cannot feed herself
• Destina cannot shower herself
• Destina cannot clothe herself
• Destina cannot use the bathroom by herself
Destina’s parents left the island and were sending $50 every three months. Then in 2015 her grandma brought her to her parents. But the parents rejected Destina, feeling like she was to much of a burden to bear. Then in 2016 her parents got a divorce and stop sending money for her care. She now lives full-time with her grandparents in substandard living conditions even for a developing country. We cannot help everyone, but we can help someone. Let that someone be Destina today. Let’s show her the love of God and that she is not forgotten but valued by God. Go to and write “destina” in the description. Every amount adds up to touch her life.

Keep looking up,

Pastor Gary and Susan

Posted on January 17, 2019 and filed under Compassion.