THE MISSION of Grace Wave is to lead people to discover the paradise of Nias Island Indonesia and the purpose of spiritual awakening through Jesus Christ. Our passion is to inspire people with our walk and our talk, our adventures and our teachings. And to share this grand adventure firsthand with our guests.

FOUNDED by Gary Galbraith in 2011, Grace Wave is a non-profit organization. It really took off when Gary and Susan met and got married in 2012.

OUR MINISTRY has a focus on international guests and local community outreach.

Gary Galbraith preaching

Gary was born and raised in Southern California where he developed a love for the ocean. That love has led him to surf the epic waves of Indonesia with over 50 trips under his belt. But his his love for surfing pales in comparison for his love for God. This combination of surfing and serving has been a match made in heaven for Gary. He is an ordanied pastor with over thirty years of ministry experience, and has been used by God to inspire and equip thousands from all over the world, to follow Christ. With a unique gift of exhortation, this dynamic communicator  has the ability to capture the attention of an audience and challenge them to move deeper into God’s fullness for their lives. Gary’s greatest passion is to see people awaken to the presence of God and His purpose for their lives. He is a graduate of Hope International University, the father of three, and grandfather of two. Gary and his wife Susan reside in Nias Indonesia.

susan galbraith of grace wave ministries

Susan was born in Jakarta and raised in Manado Indonesia. She had a background in nursing but has now dedicated her life to the ministry. She has a passion for singing and worship.

Paradise with a Purpose

We desire to do three main things:

1. To share the paradise of Nias with our guests and lead them on the adventure of a lifetime.

2. To show real acts of compassion to the underprivileged in Nias Indonesia.

3. To inspire spiritual awakening through the gospel Jesus Christ.

Gary Galbraith preaching