Our Experience

We are travelers too so we get it! Gary has traveled to Indonesia from California over 50 times. Susan is Indonesian, has spent years in America and knows both cultures. Together they make the perfect team to give you the advantage of Western and Eastern culture. They are fluent in both English and Indonesian, and have led groups of all kinds for a combined 40 years. Gary and Susan are the owners and operators of Grace Wave Resort so their experience directly benefits you. Our staff is made of locals who have been born and raised in Nias. You will feel their positive energy, sense of humor and local knowledge. Our experience is the difference that will make your trip epic and exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

Our Mission

“Paradise with a purpose”

Our Promise

Our Promise

To provide quality accommodations, hospitality and ministry opportunities, so you can experience the trip of a lifetime.

Our Team


Gary was born and raised in Southern California where he developed a love for the ocean. That love has led him to surf the epic waves of Indonesia with over 50 trips under his belt. But his his love for surfing pales in comparison for his love for God. This combination of surfing and serving has been a match made in heaven for Gary. He is an ordanied pastor with over thirty years of ministry experience, and has been used by God to inspire and equip thousands from all over the world, to follow Christ. With a unique gift of exhortation, this dynamic communicator  has the ability to capture the attention of an audience and challenge them to move deeper into God’s fullness for their lives. He is a graduate of Hope International University.

   POSITION: Founder, president

   FAVORITE HOBBIES: Surfing, yoga, movies, trekking, traveling

   FAVORITE FOODS: Sushi, enchiladas, pizza

   FAVORITE MOVIE: Pirates of the Caribean: curse of the black pearl

   FAVORITE BANDS: The Cure, Hillsong


Susan was born in Jakarta Indonesia where she was raised until the age of 5. The family then moved to the city of Manado in North Sulawesi. There Susan graduated high school and obtained her nursing certificate. While dating Gary, she moved to Nias Island where she pioneered the ministry that we now enjoy. Susan is our head translator and prayer warrior! Gary and Susan have a blendid family with 3 children and two grandchildren.

   POSITION: Co-founder, vice resident

   FAVORITE HOBBIES: Traveling, singing, movies, music, beach


   FAVORITE MOVIE: Fool’s gold

   FAVORITE BANDS: Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hillsong


Kawanan (Wan) is as local as they come. He comes from the village of Sorake and has family throughout the area. Wan has an award winning smile and an infectious laugh. He has a great heart to serve and is the first one to lend a helping hand. He is a “jack of all trades” kind of guy who can do many things, but his greatest passion is photography and videography.

   POSITION: Assistant manager

   FAVORITE HOBBIES: Volleyball, video games, photography

   FAVORITE FOOD: Fried noodles

   FAVORITE MOVIE: The Expandables

   FAVORITE BANDS: One Direction, Hillsong


Fika is also from south Nias and lives in the neighboring village of Hiliamaeta. She has a heart of gold, willing to help in any way she can. You will probably catch her singing while she works as her love for God and love for life overflow.

   POSITION: House keeper

   FAVORITE HOBBIES: Sewing, movies, singing

   FAVORITE FOOD: Fish and rice




Natal is from nearby Hiliamaeta village and works part time as a high school teacher and part time running the orphanage program for Grace Wave. She is a beautiful soul who loves worship and serving the Lord.

   POSITION: Orphans director

   FAVORITE HOBBIES: Singing, teaching, playing guitar

   FAVORITE FOOD: Fish and rice



Some of Our Services

Offering you a variety of services takes your trip from ordinary to extraordinary. Our services are aimed at maximizing your choices and minimizing your hassles. If there are any other services you need while at the Grace Wave Resort, we will go out of our way to search it out for you and make it happen. We have connections!


Our selection of rental equipment is rapidly growing. We currently offer car and driver, scooters, surfboards, long boards, and bicycles.

Photography & Videography

With state of the art camera gear and experienced staff photographer, we can capture those epic moments of your trip so the memories will last a lifetime.

Room and pool service

Breakfast in bed? No problem. Lunch by the pool? Absolutely! Let the SuGar cafe prepare your meal of choice a bring it to you anywhere on the resort property.


Some of Our Services

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Lawns & Turf

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Trees & Hedges

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Brick & Rockery

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