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It’s our team that makes the difference. When you are here you will feel like family. Our staff of locals who love to serve and help guests have the time of their life. There smiles will brighten up your day and make you feel right at home.

Gary (Owner & Operator)

Gary was born and raised in Southern California where he developed a love for the ocean. That love led him to his first surf trip to Indonesia where he fell in love with the people, the culture, and of course the waves. Since then he has never stopped traveling to Indo, fitting in trips whenever he could. After over fifty trips, Gary and Susan finally got the opportunity to fulfill their dream by moving full-time to Nias and build the Grace Wave Resort. Now the epic adventure continues with their thriving resort and ministry to the people of Nias.

Susan (Owner & Operator)

Susan was born in Jakarta Indonesia where she was raised until the age of 5. The family then moved to the city of Manado in North Sulawesi. There Susan graduated high school and obtained her nursing certificate. Today she oversees the resort bookings, purchasing, and quality control.  Gary and Susan have a blended family with 3 children and two grandchildren.

Kawanan (Guest Relations)

Kawanan (Wan) is as local as they come. He comes from the village of Sorake and has family throughout the area. Wan has an award winning smile and an infectious laugh. He has a great heart to serve and is the first one to lend a helping hand. He is a “jack of all trades” kind of guy who can do many things, but his greatest passion is photography and hanging our with our guests.

Mama Asni (Cooking and Cleaning)

Mama Asni has 10+ years of experience in the hotel industry. She was one of our first hires and is like the glue that holds our staff together. A local from Sorake Beach with her husband and two children.

Mama Keyth (Cooking & Cleaning)

No one has more energy and smiles than Mama Keyth. She is full of life and always full of fun. Another local from Sorake Beach with her husband and three children.


Mama Lina (Cooking & Cleaning)

Mama Lina is known for her infectious smile. She takes her work seriously but always has time to have fun along the way. She is a Sorake Beach local with her husband and one child.


Mama Penia (Cooking & Cleaning)

Mama Penia loves to cook. Especially pastries. She is a Sorake Beach local along with her husband and four children.


Nias Island culture

Nias is an island paradise that takes you back to a more simple place in time. One of the gems of the Indonesian archipelago. Some say it is like Bali used to be many decades ago. Sorake Beach in the Lagundri Bay is a little piece of heaven on earth. Coconut palm trees, turquoise water, outrageous sunrises, and one of the best waves in the world. This horseshoe shaped bay is the number one tourist destination in Nias drawing visitors from all over the world to enjoy its world class waves, friendly people, and ancient megalithic culture. Ya’ahowu (God bless you).


Province:North Sumatra

Regency:South Nias


Population:798,506 (2015 Census)

Religion:Protestant 86%, Catholic 7%, Muslim 7%

Cities:Gunungsitoli, Teluk Dalam, Lehwa

Economy:Agriculture, fishing, tourism

Exports:Rubber, Cocoa, cloves, copra


Nias is located in the province of North Sumatra Indonesia. An island in the Indian Ocean that is part of the barrier islands known for its natural beauty and some of the best surf in the world. Remote enough to get you off the beaten path, but modern enough to provide you the creature comforts that make for an enjoyable trip. You can fly to the Nias airport called “Binaka” from the cities of Medan, Padang or Jakarta. Grace Wave Resort is located in south Nias. About a two and a half hour drive from the airport.


Nias Island is 120 kilometers (75 miles) long and 45 kilometers wide (28 miles). It is roughly the same size as Bali. Much of the coastline consists of sandy beaches and coconut palm trees, with dozens of smaller islands just off its coast making for a spectacular backdrop. The interior of Nias is as green as it gets, being covered in trees cultivated by the locals.


The culture of Nias is one of a kind. Complete with its own language, architecture, music, dance, dress, food, and customs. This ancient megalithic culture adds to the experience. One of the most notable features is the traditional stone jumping (hombo batu). Boys from the age of 10 literally leap into adulthood as they jump over a six foot stone wall. Take a short 30 minute trip to the king’s village and see an example of this ancient culture still active today.


The weather in Nias is warm and tropical due to its proximity to the equator. There is a wet and dry season but the weather does not very much year round. You can expect the rain and sunshine to trade off throughout the year. The average temperature is 32 degrees celsius (89.6 fahrenheit) during the day and 22 (71.6) at night. Because of the equatorial sun, you will want to have sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat so you are prepared to enjoy your activities.

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