Compassion (noun): Sympathy and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The “Power of ONE” is a program specifically designed to impact one life at a time. It operates on this principle: Do for someONE what you wish you could do for everyONE. It is easy to get paralyzed by all of the needs in a third-world place like Nias. Sometimes in our paralysis we get overwhelmed by the needs and end of helping no ONE. The Power of ONE focuses on ONE focuses on ONE need at a time, ONE life at a time. You cannot help everyONE but you can help someONE. Contact us for a list of current opportunities.

ono hina collage


This community development centre focuses on helping single parent families by providing jobs through extracting pure organic coconut oil, computer training, english classes, dental cleaning, and physical therapy for handicapped children. Our staff and volunteers serve weekly in all capacities.

The orphanage currently cares for 22 children from age 4 to age 21. Located in the city of Teluk Dalam on the island of Nias, Indonesia. Our staff visits weekly to play with the kids, teach Bible study, teach english, and provide food.